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I have a thing for black guys. I always liked them and found them more attractive than white guys. And black guys think that I am really pretty too. I can't walk by one without them complimenting me.

In my gym class there is a black boy one grade lower than me. I think he likes me but I am not shure because when I told him I liked him he said "I don't know if I like you back."

Can you please tell me EVERYTHING about your dream girlfriends. How their body is, how they act, how many similarities you have, anything and everything, i can take criticism. thank you!
NOT self concious. even if they dont have a great body if they go swimming they aren't afraid to get in a bikini

Not to much make up.... gotta hate the stuff ay...
Do you know of any hot black emo guys?
Hi!! I am a scene girl who was just wondering. Does anybody know of any hot black scene boys? Just thot it would be interesting to see one. Any pics? or anything?
that's pretty rare to find a black emo guy to be honest.
i don't think i know any...
What Store sells the Hottest black pants for boys?
I need to go shopping today for back to school clothes. I'm going to be shopping with my little brother. He's in jr. high and they wear uniforms. So all i need is black pants and black shorts. I personally don't think dickies is the most attractive pants on boys. Especially for my brother, he has more of that skator/surfer look. Does anyone have an idea of a great store for a skator or surfer style with black pants and shorts? If so that would be awsome. Thanks.
Go to Old Navy

Pants :
Shorts :

If you buy 2 or more, itll cost $14 each
Any girl out thier looking for a sexy hot black boy that lives in quartz hill and thats turning 18 feb 13?
if you are text me up a 661 674 6748
wow, smooth....
Does anyone out there(girls) think that black emo boys are hot?
Just asking because i know a couple of black emos and was wondering
This girl does....she's looking for an emo/scene boyfriend...hook her up. (and yes, I'm playing match maker. w/o her permission though...ooops)
Boys: Is it cute or hot when a girl plays COD Black Ops?
And they're good at it too. Or is it more of a boys' thing?
I think it's awesome, just don't be suprised when guys get pissed when they get and all are comptetive
Can't dark skinned black girls be hot?
i used to like a white guy and i heard he said he didn't like me because i'm etra black and ugly. and every where i go ppl are like "black girls are hot, like beyonce" and i'm like f*** that. y can't kelly rowland be the hot one?! she's way prettier. and ppl are like "i don't like the dark dark black girls, cuz they're ugly". always! if a black girl is hot. it's the half black girl that's hot.
boys always say,(and even the black boys) i only like white girls or asain girls or hispanics.
like i didn't use to think i was ugly until ppl say black women have self hate. well society causes it.

in case you were wondering what this dark skinned black girl looks like. here.... i don't care if you rudely comment on the pics. i've had a blow from my crush, nothing gets worse than that.………
I'm a white guy but I like light brown skin the best, not too black and not too white. But its all just a matter of taste. I wanted to look at your picture but I was denied access.
How can a white boy like me get a hot black girlfriend?
So, there is this really sexy black girl in my class. I stare at her the whole class period, sometimes forgetting about my notes. How do I convince her to go out with a me?
Talk t0 her thee same way y0u would talk to a "white girl" just be yourself. Her col0r has n0thing t0 deal with it. D0nt be someb0dy your n0t well g00d luck!
I love black boys what shoud i do ?
Dont do nothing just go with the flow. He will love you and you will love him. Just be happy how u chous. Black boys are hot and sexy.
If you want too date someone then date them,I don't understand your question

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